Crescent Shawl

Wave Shawl Pattern

This lovely crescent shaped shawl is very simple to knit. It drapes around the shoulders, showing off the lace border. The shawl is wider than it is deep so that it can be wrapped around the neck too. Free written pattern below...

I have designed it to be made out of one 100g skein of yarn but do feel free to make it larger if you wish. 

 If you would like to watch my online class all about knitting this shawl for free then feel free to start a two month trial by following this link. No charge whatsoever if you cancel within the two months. 

Abbreviations and techniques used: 

k                                  knit one stitch
kfb                               knit into the front and into the back of the next stitch
yo                                take the yarn forward and over the needle
k2tog                           knit the next two stitches together as if they were one stitch. 
ssk                              slip the next stitch knitwise, slip the next stitch knitwise, insert the left                                      needle into the two stitches from left to right and holding it in front of                                        the right needle, knit the two stitches together.

Knitting Pattern for the Crescent Shaped Shawl with Old Shell Border: 

To start the shawl I cast on 30 stitches using 4 mm (US 8) needles and the longtail cast on. The yarn I used was 100 g of Baa ram ewe Titus but a sport weight yarn will do. 

After the cast on I knitted one row.

Row 1: K3, kfb, knit to last four stitches, kfb, k3.

I repeated the row above until I had 224 stitches.

Increase row: k7, (k7, kfb) repeat instructions in brackets 30 times, k7. (254 stitches). 

After the increase row I knit one row before starting the border. 

The Old Shell border has an 18 stitch repeat, so there are 14 repeats with two edge stitches, one at the beginning of the row and one at the end. 

Border Pattern: 
Row 1: k1, k2tog three times, (sl1yo, knit1) six times, ssk three times. 
Rows 2-4: Knit to the end of the row. 

I have repeated the border pattern seven times and then cast off loosely using a size 5 mm (US size 6) needle. 

If you need to work out whether you will have enough yarn to complete a row then usually it is three and a half times the length of the row you are knitting. 

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